Garmin Oregon 400T

Okay so I have this new Christmas toy for kayaking and looking for some advice. It has Topo maps preloaded but wondering if there is any reason to upload the U.S. Inland Lakes — Southeast map. It pretty much covers any area I am likely to venture but wondering if it is a waste of $$$$. 116.00

Do you have it, do you use it, do you need it?

Thank you,


I Have the MAP76
and I don’t have the inland lakes mapping. I guess if I was going to spend a lot of time on a monster like Kerr I’d buy it.

Coastal paddling is another story. I’m very glad I added the mapping from Norfolk to Charleston.

I find the coastal maps a great tool, but the inland lake maps were more fishing friendly, showing depths… I also found that not ALL lakes were on the program. If you don’t paddle coastal or don’t fish, I would save the cash. Search the net for forums on using the unit, and finding maps on the web as needed.

I mostly use mine for geocaching, but I have had it out on some lakes and mostly I only care about the top 24 inches.If yoy need the contour of the bottom of the lake,like for where to fish the chanels.then maybe you can spend the money on more maps.

The oregon is tricky to learn,take your time learning it then decide.

If you haven’t already, check out I’m going to get the 24k map for my state and think the money would be well spent. However, check out the web and you might get something for free. There are lots of garmin links with maps on them.