Garmin TOPO Canada--marine info?

I was looking at getting the Garmin TOPO Canada mapping program but noticed that neither the description nor the map viewer

on Garmin’s site indicate that it includes basic marine data as does the TOPO United States program I have. I was hoping the TOPO Canada program would have marine data as well, but it appears it does not. Has anyone had a different experience?

I did a quick search on and didn’t find any pertainent info, so if this has been covered before, please excuse me.



TOPO Canada
I looked at my TOPO Canada and it does not have the basic marine data like the US TOPO maps.

world map
for some reason the world map has basic shore nav light info in Canada. Strange that the TOPO does not show any.

world map?
t_man75 and ghendri,

Thanks for your replies.

ghendri, by world map, do you mean the world map installed on the GPS from the factory? I don’t have marine data on the world map that came with my Rhino 120. Perhaps the more marine oriented GPS units have this?

t_man75, thanks for checking and giving me that confirmation. It sure would be nice if the TOPO Canada had marine data, especially since the TOPO United States has it. Bummer…

Thanks anyway,


Homeland Security
This is just a guess, but I suspect the lack of marine data is in response to the new information regarding foreign submarines trespassing in Canadian arctic water without permission or even notification.

Although, now that I think about it, it is possible the US Navy has its own data.

Maybe it will slow the progress of less well equiped nations.

Point to ponder, though.

Long Live Hans Island!

Just after I posted that last piece, it occured to me that it was probably misplaced. I recognize this isn’t the place for political jabs.

Sorry if I sidetracked your legitimate question.

try this

World map
World map is another add on map.

You can look at the map viewer on this page.