Gary Fisher kayak

I am wondering if anyone is familiar with kayaks that were manufactured by Gary Fisher, who is best known as a bike manufacturer. The reason I am asking is that I am trying to decide if it is worthwhile checking one out that is available for sale at what sounds like a good price. A third party informs me that it has had limited use and is in very good condition. However, it will require a little effort to make the connections and try it out.

The kayak is a Magellan and it is 15.5 feet, plastic with a rudder. I would be interested in knowing if there were any particular problems or quality issues with this kayak or others by the same company. Any information would be appreciated.

You sure it was made by Gary Fisher?
Dagger makes a boat called the Magellan. I’ve never heard of a Gary Fisher kayak, and there are no reviews of one on Pnet. Perhaps someone who really liked Gary Fisher bikes put a sticker on the boat?

Same thought here

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The length, rudder and plastic are all correct for a Dagger Magellan.

The Magellan is a general use boat with middling capabilities. I've had it in some waves and to me it wallows around a bit. But it did stay upright while doing so.

I liked the Magellan
Nice big maneuverable kayak, sure the bottom got wobbly but a decent all around design.

Didn’t hate it, didn’t love it either NM

if GF started making yacks that would be cool, cause the man is a great innovator when it comes to MTBs… yeah I am waiting for the New GF29er 29’ long. 22.9’ wide, 29lbs… with XTR integrated rudder…

Fisher yaks!!
but I think I would go with the SRAM rudder :0)

stay away from his recombinant kayak

Mine’s 23lbs
I just got the GF superfly 29er. It’s the lightest 29er made. It’s even got carbon cranks. I worrie about breaking my kevlar 28lbs THunderbolt so this bike should be real fun on the rocks.

i got a super caliber with XTR cranks & SRAM XO shifters, The thing rocks. 29ers rock, I mean I am 6’3" and finally I have a mountain bike that doesn’t look like I stole some kids BMX bike, it also feels like I am ridding between the wheels rather then perched on top of them…

It’s unfair
I tell people that don’t have them that I feel like it’s unfair because they’re so much better than 26" bikes. I’m also 6’3" and this is my 3rd 29er. The last one was a haro steel frame and that was nice too. My next tri. is a kayak start and a Mt. bike last leg. Life dosen’t get much better than that. Playing with all the toys in the same day.

Do you want more comments on the boat?
Just thought I’d ask.

Maybe it’s a Gary Fisher DECAL
Y’know, the kind that we see plastered all over the rear windows of SUVs belonging to 20-somethings. Snowboard maker decals, mtb maker decals, Sex Wax decals…you get the idea.

The kayak itself may have nothing to do with Gary Fisher.

we talking boats??? :0)

boat comments
I would love any comments about the Magellan. I think that it probably is a Dagger after following up on some earlier comments by looking at Dagger Magellan info.

Perhaps there was just a decal, although the person who told me about it said Gary Fisher was the maker. Maybe there were some promotional models build for bike shops - sort of like the Eddie Bauer Ford Explorers.

I am probably going to check it out as soon as the weather allows as the reviews have been fairly positive and the price sounds good ($700 with a lot of extra gear thrown in).

I have a
kayak sticker on my Gary Fisher bike

Trust me, know a lot more about biking than I do kayaking and I know Gary Fisher NEVER endorsed or made a kayak

It was an okay boat. I had one for a year or two. I didn’t have a rudder on it and don’t remember it really ever needing one. Lots of space for camping. I sold mine to buy a Meridian, but never got around to buying one.

If there’s $200 to $300 of gear thrown in the price would be worth it. It hasn’t been made for years. The Exodus and then Euro-X replaced it.

sounds like its HOT to me

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Hi I have a gary fisher magellan kayak in great condition I'll sell you cheap. Hmmm.

The guy steals it, sees the Gary Fisher decal and assumes that is the manufacturer...

Do you mean…

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...Gary "I invented the mountain bike. Really I did. I'm telling you I invented the mountain bike dammmit! Why won't anyone listen to me!?" Fisher? ;-)

Nice bikes, absolutely, but he's way too desperate for recognition, especially since by all accounts he didn't invent the mountain bike. It's sort of like Algore's claim of inventing the Internet or Derek Hutchinson's claim to be the first to put bulkheads and hatches in a kayak, which isn't true either.