GAS motor on two end canoe


please provide any suggestions, experience, photos, videos etc. of using gas motors on standard two end canoe. Thank you.

I use a 2.5 HP outboard on a 18’ canoe mounted on a side transom. Works well. Be sure to place it a comfortable distance behind you so it’s easy to reach yet not so close it’s in the way. The tank can be on the top of the motor or it may be a remote tank with a hose. It depends on the type of outboard you have.

The tank on top you may need to refil while in the canoe and carry a seprate can.


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One more thing, shifting to reverse may be a lever, twist-grip or you may need to spin the motor around backward for reverse.

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do you have any photos? What kind of motor mount do you use? I have Honda 2,3 HP 4 stroke motor and homemade wooden mount. Not tested yet.

Is it neccessary to balance your canoe somehow? Adding any additional sideweights?




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Sorry no pics. As long as you have some weight in the bow you won't need any counter weight. You will need weight up front. It may tend to lean if you get out.
I have a commercial model made for a Grumman. I got rid of the clamps and bolted it through the gunwales once I found a position I liked.
Old Town Canoe or LL Bean sell a pretty good one.
Some guys use a 2x6 or 2X8 and leave the transome end full width and cut the part that goes across the canoe(gunnels) to 2.5 to 4". Then bolt or clamp to the rails.

re mount
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Doesn’t putting a motor on it take out the point of a canoe?

Try an oar rig instead.
Rowing is easier than paddling. Oars costs less, smell better and are not as attractive to thieves. Rowing and trolling is a great way to find the fish.

They still float just fine.

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