Gauging interest - WV New River Aug 2011

Is there any interest in a camping event on the New River near Hinton, WV in early August 2011?

The location I have in mind is on the banks of the New River between Hinton and Meadow Creek. She rents by the week. I estimate that the cost will be roughly $55-58/head for the week or any portion thereof.

I am considering the first week of August.

If anyone is interested in attending, let me know. I am not looking for commitments but gauging interest.

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August… Hmmm… Usually in Alaska
that month, hot as heck too…

Would love too, but another time of the year would be better for me. Of course, if for some reason I do not go to Alaska next year, you bet. Though I would have to fine AC for my tent… ROFL.


I use a ceiling fan in my tent.
Really. It’s far more comfortable up in the hills than out on the coast where you live.

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It’s on
First FULL week of August, Monday the 8th through Sunday the 14th. One price for the full week or any portion thereof. I don’t know what that price will be yet. I’ve stayed a number of times at this campground - Riverchase Lodge and Campground in Meadow Creek, WV. It’s neat, well maintained, hot showers, clean restrooms, plenty of flat space for tents either in shade or in the open. There are active train tracks near (as most any paddler would expect anyway). It is on the banks of the New River with river access for those staying at the campground. Tents only, no dogs. Pop-ups count as tents.

The price is usually too expensive for those who want to stay one night, about average for those who stay two nights, and an increasingly better bargain for those who stay three through six nights.

I usually arrive on Thursday and stay through Sunday.

If you plan to come and camp, contact me with your interest. Replying here counts as contact. If you plan to come but want to use one of the cabins on-site, contact Diane Law the owner. There are about eight or ten folks in so far from another site where I post. Most of them are guitar pickers, so there’ll be lots of good campfire music, plus whatever you call what I play.

The paddling is pretty and can be as challenging (New River Gorge and Gauley are within driving distance) or as mild and easy-going (Bluestone Lake is also within driving distance) as you like. The fishing is so-so. The music is great. The company is fantastic. for more info on the campground.

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I got a better one for you.
For when it’s really hot, like “Africa-hot”, sleep nice and cool.

1.) Buy a cheap, $2-3 styrofoam cooler.

2.) Buy a cheap, $5-10 battery operated camping fan.

3.) Buy a $2 bag of ice. Come on cheapskate, get the big bag.

4.) Cut small slot in one side wall of the cooler, about 3-4 square inches total, maximum.

5.) Trace the perimeter of your new fan around on the top of the cooler. If the top only fits one way, be sure the tracing will be on the opposite side of the slot you cut on the other side wall.

6.) Cut out the tracing, about 1/2" INSIDE the line, making the hole slightly smaller than the fan so it can’t fall through.

7.) Fill the cooler with ice, secure the lid tight, place the fan on top blowing down, turn it on and aim the slot (which is now an exhaust vent from the cooler) directly toward your sleeping pad.

This will lower the temp of THE FLOOR AREA of your tent by about 10° in no time. Remember, cool air settles, tent vents are high up and you’re sleeping on the floor. The ice will last most of the night too. I’ve done it and it worked well enough on an 85° night to get some good sleep.


That’s cool.
Ha. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Still, up in the hills there, the nights are often in the 60’s and some years we’ve had them in the 40’s. We’ve had a few 80 nights, but darned few.

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Way too early…
for me to commit, but I hope to make it. Last summer was a blast.