Gazelle Kennebunker

Anyone know anything about this canoe? Never heard of them, but looks like a well made boat.

I have one
I have one that was a project boat that is now finished. It is actually made of fiberglass using a chopper gun so really NOT the best quality method of construction. They do incorporate about 6 built in thwart ribs to stiffen the boat and this along with the shallow VEE hull and NO KEEL definately make it a step above the Colemans and cheap plastic boats. Mine has custom wood gunwales and decks and I made webbed seats for it. Mine has a serial number that descibes it being built in 1982. Its a good boat that has held up well but IS heavy,…maybe 86lbs. I am actually selling mine on Craigslist right now.

Thats the one I saw. Thanks for thr info.