gb-60 cleaner ?

I saw a reverence to a cleaning product “GB-60” on the Mad River website. Used for cleaning gelcoat. Does anyone know the manufacturer or where I can purchase it?

Used to be sold through, Somehow affilliated with Mad river Canoes. I checked there web site and did not see it listed there, anymore? I still have a couple tubs of it,and use it once in a while.

Me again. I got the old tub of cleaner out,and it says.G&B ENTERPRISES INC.

P.O. Box 19236

Portland, OR 97219


Probably not around anymore.But,that is all I have on it.

GB-90 cleaner

Good news. G & B Enterprises is still in business and at the same location and phone number you provided me. They mostly sell to consumers, but do not have a website. I placed the minimum order of 4 tubs. They tell me it cleans more that canoes, even carpets. Thanks so much for the information you provided me.


Thanks for letting me know it is still availabe.I probably wouln’t have tried to contact them,on my own.Glad I could help.