Gear and how to wear it question

A beginner paddler here that just rediscovered how much of a blast it is to hit the water. So in preparation for the colder and wetter conditions, I recently purchased a jacket and pants from NRS.

So here comes the question: Do the kayakers typically tuck their jacket into the pants, which I have seen around these parts, or does it matter?


Do not tuck them in as they are uncomfortable that way. Do what is safe first and comfortable second. Clothing or shoes must not catch on anything in case of a spill.

jacket into pants
seems like an easy way to let water into your drawers. but I PADDLE IN THE SOUTH so dry suits aren’t a big item

Is this a dry outfit, or splash guard?
Are they waterproof or water resistant?

Dress for water temps and
assume you’re going to take a spill. Know what to do in case you do.

Where are you located, and what are you paddling?


Waterproof jacket and pants
Yeah, they’re waterproof; separate jacket and pants

Heritage FeatherLite 9.5
Hi Andy,

I mainly stick to lakes, ponds and reservoirs around Cape Cod, to start, with my Heritage FeatherLite 9.5. So far, so good that the fall weather has been aggreable. So the more I can fit in the better.


If his top has a double tunnel, wouldn’t you tuck in the first layer into the pants, secure the pants then pull on spray skirt, then layer over with the top with the jacket? If he’s not using a skirt, then you’d just eliminate the skirt step.

That’s a stable boat
Probably difficult to dump in. Still, always dress for water temps. Don’t wear cotton as underlayers, and a good dry top, pants and boots should be ok in the small lakes of the cape. Dry top over the pants.

Unless you want to look like Ed Grimley
wear jacket outside . . . not tucked into pants.

If you are talking just waterproof
splash jacket and pants, I think it is best to keep the jacket out, (not tucked into the pants).

In that way it is much easier to take the jacket off if you find you are getting too warm.

Yesterday I had mine on at the start of our paddle, (air temp 42) - then took it off as both the air temp and my body temp warmed up, and then as the sun started down, and the temperature started to drop back down, put it on again.

That would be kind of troublesome if it was tucked into the pants.

Another couple of hints on mukluks or NRS Boundary Shoes if you are using them: Use some smart wool socks and then tuck your splash pants into the socks. Then put the muckluk over the socks. This not only keeps the pants leg out of the way, but makes for easy on and easy off with the mukluks.

The smart wool socks absorb your sweat.

If you don’t wear any socks at all. the muckluks are a bear to get off due to the sweat.

Paddling is awesome this time of year, with no power boats, no noisy lake lice, no rug rats being crissed crossed in front of you on their flying carpets by inconsiderate tow operators. - Just beautiful crisp fresh air! - At least that’s the way it was yeasterday on the lake.



whatever you do
don’t tuck your pant legs into your socks

that’s a bad look

try both and decide
what works for you. Can you move better? Better temperature regulation? Do drips or rain stay out better? One way more comfortable?

i asked this question to stholquist recently. I asked about drypants and dry top (not splash). They said pull the pants over the top and then pull the tunnel over the pants so the pants are sandwiched between the top tunnel to mate. put the spray skirt on over all of it. the pants and top have the backwards neoprene and doing it this way did form a good connection

you gettin’ awful fancy for a Florida boy.