Gear question--yakima showboat

Does anyone know if this is the same kind of thing made by Thule, I think Thule calls it the slip stream?

similar concept
The Showboat is similar, but not the same as the Slipstream. When you look at the Slipstream compared to the Showboat, the needed crossbars, and a set of Mako saddles, they both cost about $300 to secure one boat. Here’s where they differ; The Showboat is a roller that spans the width of your roof rack so can be used for multiple boats. So it is cheaper than two Slipstreams. It isn’t tied into a saddle system, so it can easily be used for canoes, SOT, lumber, and other loads that the Slipstream cannot. The Showboat is complicated with numerous pieces. If you need to remove your rack, you will have to disassemble the Showboat and tinker with it again on install. The Slipstream is a solid unit and removes in seconds. The Slipstream has a frame that allows you to custom position your kayak saddles regardless of your bar spread, definitely ideal for kayaks. You can offset the final position of the Slipstream so that the boat is more centered on the car versus the preferred method of centering the boat on the roof rack.

Both the Slipstream and Showboat slide. They position the roller aft of a vehicle easing loading from the rear. They both will attach to Yakima, Thule and Factory racks so can be used interchangeably. In my opinion, the Slipstream is the more elegant and easier to use product for a single boat. If any of the advantages of the Showboat appeal, then definitely go that route. If you have a saddle system already, then the Showboat can be added to whereas the Slipstream is a replacement.

Not sure who copied who, but they are the sdame idea.