Gear Review: Sierra Designs Zeta & Zia-3

My review of the Sierra Designs Zeta-3 tent (now called Zia-3:

If you think your review is really
important, why put it here? It will sink out of sight soon.

There is a mechanism for submitting gear reviews. Try clicking on the Review tool bar on this site.

I didn’t realize that function was available to individual member contributors.

I posted my tent review and another for a canoe in the review section. It looks like the admin edited my post removing the link to my blog which contained more content and photos of the products.


The admins added the links to the remainder of the reviews. Thanks!

This tent has been on my list of “tents of interest.”

The Zeta and the Zia are not the same tent. I think the Zia is the updated version, but it has some significant differences—door placement, weight, height, fly color, mesh distribution, etc.

Made mention of that in the review.