Gear transport inside boats

OK, how many of you transport gear inside your roof-mounted touring kayaks? I’m guilty of packing mine with PFD’s, paddles, and sometimes my tent. So far (!) I have experienced no problems with my QCC500/Malone/Yakima/Subaru setup. That is, no boat damage, no rack damage, no negative handling traits.

Anyone have bad experiences with using their boat for a luggage carrier?


Wet gear heavy gear
Nothing wrong with a bit of it. Wet gear left in your boat might get nasty. Heavy gear might not be a good idea.

White water kayakers do it all the time.

White water kayakers do it all the time.

There are even mesh cockpit covers made for that very thing. Throw large wet stuff in like PFDs and such, put mesh cover on and drive home. Wet stuff should be dry when you get home if driving far. Even saw one mesh cover that had a zipper and a large pouch so smaller wet items like gloves and such could be put in there as well.

Personally I keep the items that normally or might get wet in a large mesh duffel type bag. I leave the stuff in the mesh bag to dry and be ready for the next paddle. I just have to grab the mesh bag, paddle bag, food bag, dry clothes bag, day (thwart) bag, and boat, and I’m on the road! Only the food bag requires packing each time.

Happy Paddl’n!



I wouldn’t try
loading my kayak with a weeks expedition worth of gear and driving a couple of hundred miles. In fact with the kayak and gear weighing nearly two hundred pounds, I couldn’t even get it on or off my racks :slight_smile: