Just getting started,boats are being built.I am trying to get a list together of the items needed for basic overnight touring.Safety items and camping items both.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not that easy
What are you going to paddle? Canoe or kayak? Big or small volume boat? Which kind of camper are you? Like to carry your kitchen sink or you belong to the minimalist group?

Where are you going to camp? Which time of the year?

Too many variables to give a decent answer.

Keep on mind that every checklist you are going to find will need to be personalized by you. After each trip you will find out that you carried something you didn’t need and wish you took something else.

The list will not be “your list” before 4 or 5 trips.

Thanks Mario,heres some info.18 ft kayak.Don’t need the sink.But my wife and I will be camping together.Im sure she will need the sink and the toilet and the rest of the house if possible.LOL

Take a look at the Guidelines section and it has several differant catagories that might help. There is even one labled kitchen sink.

happy paddling,


18 feet self built kayak
usually means medium to big volume. 2 of them, you are going to camp with your wife therefore sharing tent and kitchen equipment, man you will be able to carry A LOT of stuff.

I could send you my personal list (email me if you want it) but keep on mind I’m in South Florida. If you camp in the summer only, my camping list could be good for you too but for paddling you should dress up for water temperature. I noticed from your profile you are in Michigan, different requirements from South Florida. I purchased a paddling jacket 5 years ago, I think I used it 3 times.

I also would be happy to share my
personal list, honed after numerous multi-day trips. I’m not a kitchen sink type, but I’m not a minimalist either. I like some creature comforts.

What Do You Have
Are looking to buy or are you wondering if what you have is good enough? Can’t tell from your post.

personal choices
I love to take an old roofing hatchet camping. it is a hammer and a hatchet, very handy! a little extra food is always nice in my book as well. I take what I think I will need, then add maybe two meals (if it is more than 2 days). that way I am not stuck with what I thought would be good when I left home. Extra rope and extra tent stakes.

Everyone has a checklist, and every camping and padling website have their tried and true lists. we can all tell you what to take, or what to read, but you will nodoubtly need to change it after the first trip.


(remeber the roofing hatchet)

Kayaking (lake) PERSONAL GEAR LIST

CLOTHES: General rule: one to wear–something as a spare

_____ WET SUIT



KAYAK PADDLES (add minimum of 1 spare Paddle for every 2 people)

PFD (personal floatation device, life vest)

Hat (sun)

Sun-glasses (with some type of anti-loss cord)

_____ Spray skirt

_____ Bilge Pump

Flares (3 to 6)


Tow system (with quick release system)


Paddle Float


Pogies or Neoprene gloves (depending on time of year)

Light weight long-sleeved shirt (sun & bite protection)


Underwear (Wearer’s choice)(can be short jogging shorts- or swim suit)

Long underwear tops and bottoms (one set total, poly-Pro)

Fleece, Jacket or light coat (one total)(works as your pillow too)

Rain gear (paddling Anorak)(ponchos don’t work)

Towel (very Small)(can use T shirt or bandanna as towel)

Multi-Functional Equilateral Textile (Bandanna)(works as sweat rag, scarf, pre- filter for water, light hat, splint tie, dipped in water to cool neck & face, etc)

Personal First Aid kit (include $2.00 in quarters for phone emergency)

Ingestion Aftermath Removal Barrier (Toilet paper) (roll or major part of)

Flashlight (Small)(or Headlamp)

Portable Aqueous Transfer System - Water Bottle or bottles, (at least 2 is nice)

Matches in waterproof case


Personal Polar Alignment Detection Unit (Compass)

2 to 3 feet of Duct tape (roll around small piece of cardboard)

Small piece of cord (for cloths line, 10 to 20 feet)


Solar Radiation Damage Counter-Agent (Sunblock)

Camera/film (for those awesome Kodak moments)

Binoculars (optional)


Nocturnal Thermal Retention Module (Sleeping bag)

Mattress pad (Thermo-Rest etc)

Bag (Nylon stuff sac, about 9” x 20” or so, to carry portion of Food in)

Long pants, Synthetic or light cotton. (One pair shorts optional)

***If wearing shorts you need to pack 1 pair of pants(rain pants count) ***

Socks for in camp: (one pair)

Sandals (for in camp, and to swim in)(protect but allow feet to dry)(one pair)

Gloves (lightweight & compact, for in camp)

Versatile Temperature Regulation Tool (stocking hat)(cool mornings & eve/sleepwear)

Unscented toothpaste or powder/toothbrush

Brush or Comb

cup, bowl, spoon (can be a cool whip bowl)

Insect repellent


Stove (2 stoves if 6 or more people)

Fuel(about 1 liter/week/2 or 3 people, 3 liters/ week for 6 or 8 people)

Anti-Ursus/nourishment suspension cordage(Bear ropes)(2 @ 100 ft)

3 Pulleys (optional)

4 carabineers & 1 prussic

Pots & pans (as called for by menu)

Stirring Spoon (wood, etc)

Pot picker upper (& putter downer)


Camp suds (small bottle)

Temporary Environmental Negation Tenancy Structure (tent & ground cloth)

Rain Tarp

Ingestion Aftermath & Barrier Burier (Cat hole shovel)

Water filter (1 for every 2 people)

Nylon water bucket (optional)(to settle water before pumping if full of silt)

VHF Radio (channel 16 capable)


Separate duffel/clean clothes for ride home (stays in car)

Ponchos are great for quickly sitting out a storm and doubling as a ground cloth. Have slept both on top and under one. I carry one along with my paddling jacket on water or rain coat when hiking.

Ok, I think I have posted this 6-7 times
Posted by: CoffeeII on Nov-09-05 9:28 AM (EST)

Here is a list I have posted here afew times over the last 5 years… I just “searched the archives” and copy/pasted it below, hope it helps:


Here is a list that will have your budget in about $220. Check out & … click on free catalog & you will get new ones every month or so!!

  1. Candle lantern + 3 eight hour dripless candles= $12

  2. Poncho (mil surplus has grommets) (can be used as a shelter also… e-mail me & I can send you a picture of easy shelter configurations)= $20

  3. Poncho liner (can be used as blanket)= $25 AND/OR “snug-pak sleeping bag” (rolls up to the size of a football= $30

  4. SVEA Trianga alcohol stove w/ mess kit (have been using mine for about 4 years now)= $5

  5. K-Bar knife (can be used for anything!)= $40

  6. Machette (good mil issue ones are stronger)= $30

  7. 100ft of “para-cord”= $5

  8. Aluminum tent pegs= $3

  9. 2liter Hydration-pak= $30

  10. Campers combination knife & mess utensils= $5

  11. Gerber multi-tool= $30

  12. Dry-bag= $15

    There you go… Now you have the “campers dozen”. This should get you on a GREAT start to your future of spending/trying camping equipment.

    Paddle easy,


    P.S. I would also consider acouple canteens also or another hydration-pak. The canteens come with “canteen cups” too…


    ALSO, I have a G.I. Shelter half for sale in the discussion forum, under the title “SERIOUS camp/paddle trading”. The shelter is $20 and has everything included… Even a third half that can be used as a floor.

    Paddle easy,