OK I have a kayak and live in Texas near the coast. What rod, reel, lures, do I need? I will be doing salt and freshwater fishing.



i think to start you need to no what species you will target.?

is this in oceans or lakes rivers…?


Mainly lakes and rivers but later salt water also

i am frome way north off you…so might be the person to talk to …

BUT…here a a link frome texas kayak fishing site and there tons off offlink to other texas site…in kayak fishing…

good luck bud.

up here i just fish frome regular fast/hard long rod…i fish mainly for bass/pike.

this year.more musky and try some strgeons in my kayak frome a hard musky rod combo…a baitcaster abu garcia c3 5500 and a hard rod…to trow some major baits.


Thank you!

The most popular reel is the Shimano
Citica with a 6 1/2 or 7 foot rod. Academy often has the set up preferred by many on sale for around $130, that’s both rod and reel. TKF is an excellent site for Texas saltwater kayak fishermen and getting better for us freshies.