GECKO helmets

these look great. Are they suitable for paddling/rolling? thanks…

If you have GEICO insurance.
Actually the helmet looks OK, although the full face transparent shield may just fog up.

looks heavy
They look like they’re pretty sturdy, and appear to be marketed for stuff like rescue work, and high speed offshore racing. I wonder if they’d be too heavy or bulky to be comfortable for kayaking though.

Important criteria you can’t tell about
from the website is how well the helmet stays in place. Most modern helmets handle impact if they don’t move. But most modern helmets move, exposing your forehead or coming off all together depending on the circumstance. Turbulent whitewater or surf are especially problematic. There used to be a video on YouTube of a guy with the H.O.G. system on a well known helmet brand losing his helmet coming in. You can take care of blows to the face (even though that is not likely a fatal blow) with a face-mask. But without a face-mask and a shifting helmet you can die from a blow to your forehead. Or if you helmet comes off … The point is don’t buy a helmet because it looks cool. Get the data about real safety features.

Will it help if I wear it backwards?

Might be hard to see. :slight_smile:

for input. These helmets have a mouth piece so they can be inflated for fit. I now have a Grateful heads helmet.I would like to have a helmet with more protection around the neck and sides.

I’m of the school that you roll a couple dozen times every time you’re out to keep it on automatic. So, I’m a little more tuned in to drainage after hanging upside down. This looks like it might retain water, especially in the ear pockets where it’s more of a problem when you have to hear direction yelled by rescuers.

Well. i found them at a little company that sells recue equipment for whitewater rescue work etc…

ill have to poke around i guess…

the grateful helmet works nicely, and i use it also when practicing rolls etc…so thanks anyway. ill keep sniffing around.

I find WRSI fit my head quite well, check them out

PS. - I do realize they might not be available in your country.

I looked up weights and a Gath Gedi weighs 350 grams, while the Gecko weighs 700 grams.

The Gecko may very well offer more protection along with the increased weight. Everything’s a trade off. Personally I value light weight up there.