Gecko Kayak

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Seached p-net archieves on this topic - no joy.

Has anyone paddled this boat?

Is there a U.S. distributor?


They offer all sorts of different paddle
craft, and the lines of those craft do not suggest to this viewer that they are expert designers.

You wouldn’t seriously consider ordering one all the way from Australia when there are so many quality US sea touring kayaks, would you?

The only kind of boat I know where, at present, it is necessary to order overseas because US offerings are slim or none, is whitewater slalom kayaks and c-1s. For everything else, on any kind of water, we have makers who can beat or match anything you can get overseas.

Any Specific Input?
Mr. g2d,

No intention of ordering this or any other boat from an offshore source.

Met a person who reported that he paddled a “Gecko kayak”.

Was merely curious.

Any specific input about this boat?


A Gecko ww kayak used to be offered
by either Prijon or Eskimo. It was what we call a “spud boat”, a short, rounded kayak that was good for creeking and OK for river running. You could try googling “Eskimo Gecko” or “Prijon Gecko” and see if something pops up.