Gel Coat Clouding

Does clouding or ghosting in sections of the gel coat present any problems other than cosmetic?

Any comments about what causes this?

I am assuming that this cloudiness I see is in the gel coat and not in the underlying carbon/kevlar layup.

wax on, wax off
and all will be bright and sparkly again.

appears to be more than surface deep so I am not sure how a surface treatment would help that much. The surface itself is shiny.

What boat? Is is gelcoat, or surface
resin? Considering that one function of gelcoat is to block sun from reaching the “serious” resin and cloth layer, it is odd that it should be clear.

Bell Flashfire, Blackgold

water spotting
If one bags a gel coated boat in plastic, and water gets in, water spotting is always a potential. It shows more in darker colors, not at all in beige.

Heat, best applied by the sun, is generally the best solution.