Gel Coat Discolored

I power washed my Bell Magic and put it upside down to dry. When I turned it back over a few days later I noticed a couple of white chalky looking splotches, I can only assume that I have driven moisture into the substrate. I put it out in the direct sunlight for awhile in hopes that it might solve the problem but alas, it did not. The areas appear solid,just discoloured. Anyone out there aware of a fix?

OCD can be treated with SSRIs, or
behaviorally. Behavioral treatment involves thought-stoppage when concern about minor cosmetic boat defects intrude into the mind.

Seriously, CE Wilson knows about this, and when he comes by, he’ll tell you how hopeless is your situation.

Acetone Wipe
Get a clean rag and some acetone. One wipe should suffice, maybe two. It’s a cosmetic issue with Co-Res 5000.

Gel Coat DIscolored
Thanks Charlie. I will give that a try, and yes I am obsessive with my boats. I own five beautiful touring solos and I like too keep them looking top notch. They have been giving pleasure for decades and with care will do so for decades more.