Gel Coat repair on a curved surface.

Is there a correct method of putting the air barrier foil on a curved surface? Do I cut little slits in the foil to help it curve or should I simply let a pro do the repair work on my yak? FishHawk

Yes … Don’t do it.
Real world info here.


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as Pat mentioned in his post, if you do use Gel, mix hot and get some PVA and brush it on.

Edit: PVA=Polyvinyl Alcohol (so you don't get confused if you go to Wikipedia to look it up).

Accept that you’ll need to sand it…

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...and don't worry about trying to get a perfect surface with the air barrier. If you use "finish" gelcoat (a.k.a., "waxed" gelcoat), you don't need the air barrier at all. Mix, apply, sand, buff, done!

I second Bnystrom’s advice
I followed his directions and ended up with a fantastic repair job. Curved surfaces, flat and right across the keel. Thank you Bnystrom.