Gel coat repair

I got a chip in my gel coat and wondered how to repair it? It looks like a chip one gets when a rock hits your car. So, can I just put some epoxy on it for the repair? FishHawk

Sure, you can slap anything on it…

– Last Updated: Jul-06-09 7:58 AM EST – cover it up, but it's not difficult to repair it properly and if you own a glass boat, you're going to need to learn how eventually. I have pics and instructions on Webshots at:

Have fun!

If you don’t care how it looks, …
plain old two part epoxy is just fine.

My QCC has it in three different places.

It looks like hell, but it is under the water line, so I don’t much care.

If you are worried about looks, then check out Brian’s site above.

If you opt for the epoxy, after you put it on just tape a stiff piece of thin plastic, (like a overhead projector film) over it, and the next day when you peel the plastic off the repair will be as smooth as a baby’s butt.



it with Gel…do it with Gel, the epoxy will work, but will make any repairs later require You to use epoxy…epoxy and poly or Vinyl resins don’t like each other…once you use the epoxy, You commit for life…or else have to remove all of it

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Gel repair
Does any one have any particular brand (Gel coat) they recommend or are they all pretty much the same I have a swift with a few chips myself that I want to learn to repair.


Gel coat repair
When your building up the gel coat to fill an area do you have to apply it in thin coats or just one thick coat. I’m new to working with this.

Thanks for that nice tutorial!


It depens on the gelcoat you use
If you’re using a liquid gelcoat (the most common type), you’ll probably have to build it up in layers, as it will run if you apply it too thick. If you use gelcoat paste, you can build it up in one application.

BTW, you always want to buy “finish” gelcoat (a.k.a. “waxed gelcoat”), as the standard “laminating” gelcoat will not cure in the presence of air. I have only seen the paste in the “finish” variety. These products are readily available at marine suppliers. The brand doesn’t matter, as they all seem to be pretty much the same.

Gel repair

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I'll be glad to send you the Bell Canoe/ Placid boats gel repair protocol. Email me at for same.

While wax additives work nicely to get gel to final condition faster, letting it kick, then wiping a few times with acetone does just fine too, and allows you to get the exact brand and color match from your boat manufacturer.

Mini-craft of Florida is another source, including a color mix kit.

Cliff Jacobson, ever the utilitarian patched his gel chips with bondo, then spray paints to match color. This obviously will not work with translucent tints, but Bells beige and Placid boats light pond scum bottoms are carefully matched to readily available spray paint color[s].