Gel Coat Repair

I have a nickel sized chip in the gel coat of my Fiberglass Necky Looksha

Anyone tried using “DIY Bathtub & Shower Paste Repair Kit (Acrylic/Gelcoat” to repair gel coat?

Just use epoxy
A nickel sized chip and you can put a small patch of glass and epoxy, sand and buff it down it should look fine.

perfect repair
Get ahold of your dealer and have them order the matching gelcoat from Necky.

Bill H.

Just use waxed gelcoat
I just use white waxed gelcoat to repair chips. (Be sure to use waxed or else it won’t cure in the presence of air).You can also tint it as needed. I grind away the area around the chip with a Dremel. Don’t wory about making the chip bigger. Slap in some gelcoat mixed with hardener and let it cure. Then sand it down smooth. If you used tint you may need to wet sand and buff to make it look good, but I just finish off my white hull with dry 1000 grit.

You can see how to do it…
…in my Gelcoat Repair album at:


I’ve already reviewed your postings and they are very helpful.

What I want to know is about this specific DIY Bathtub & Shower Paste Repair Kit.

Is one brand of gel-coat better or easier to use than the others? Should I get a gel-coat with built-in wax, or get two separate products?

We need people to be the first to try
such products. If it doesn’t look right, so what? If it doesn’t stay in right, clean it out and go with bnystrom’s plan.

I’ll bet you get away with it. Glad my Looksha is poly, though.

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Considering that the bathtub repair kit isn't considerably cheaper than a can of finish (waxed) gelcoat, I wouldn't bother with it. The kit will probably work, as it's likely just gelcoat, but the quantity is tiny and the other items that come in the kit are dirt cheap elsewhere. If you're going to be maintaining your own boat, you WILL need more than that. If convenience is more important to you than value, give the kit a whirl.