Gel coat resin

The other thread current got me curious.

Are gel coats (i.e. pigmented resin) available to the general public in anything other than polyester resin?

When a manufacturer uses a custom mixed (colored) gel can it be produced with vinylester resin?

Can you gel coat with polyester resin and then lay up the boat using vinylester?



Polyester and vinylester are compatible
and as was pointed out elsewhere, are sometimes mixed. I don’t know if there is a “vinylester” gelcoat, but builders who use vinylester and gelcoat are laying vinylester resin right over “polyester” gelcoat.

I feel kinda dumb at the moment, because I don’t know whether one could lay epoxy resin and cloth over polyester gelcoat. Truth will follow.

One can buy VE Gel coat, must almost no-one does, due to price and availability. The price isn’t the larger issue, as VE gel is generally not stocked, and certainly not stocked in custom colors. When the tub is low it’s really nice to call and ask for another and get it in three days.

So, most spray PE gel into the mold and resinate their hulls with VE.

Can also get epoxy gelcoat, but it’s rare.

Most use polyester because it’s most plentiful and has no structual purpose anyway.

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