Gel cusions.

Thinking about the item “most likely to buy” at canoeacopia this year. My wife and I do not find the bucket seats in our Wenonah Spirit II to be very comfy. Wenonah sells a pretty nice looking gel seat pad that caught my eye. Anyone ever used one?

gel pads
hi…yes i have one i use in my kayak seat …and sometimes as a back cushion…i really like them.

Ridge rest foam
No I have never used the Gel pads, but I have many thousands of miles in the Wenonah buckets.

I have found that a layer of ridge rest foam ( or a sleeping padd foam) with a few stratgically located notches really helps. You figure out where you want to relieve some presure and carve the foam to fit. It reads awkwardly but is really quite elegant if you look at a Racers seating.

I had a

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gel seat on my bike when I used to do that kind of stuff and it was really an improvement. 25+ miles a day was pretty rough on the anatomy! The Wenonah brand cushions look pretty decent on their website but I would rather hear from those who may have actually used them before I plunk down my $40 apiece. The one I had on my bike didn't last very long as the cover wore away after a couple months on the road. I have a couple of foam sitting pads that you use while hunting that I intended to use but it dawned on me that they look a whole lot like sponges and will most likely hold water all day. Very cushy though.

Have one
Use it in my CLC. Leopard pattern, very cool!