Gel-Gloss (one step cleaner & polish)

Supposedly? good for cleaning & polishing fiberglass boats.

Ever used it?

Good new/bad news about the product?

Environmental concerns?


If it’s anything …
…like Lip-Gloss, go for it… :wink:

Does it provide UV protection?
I haven’t seen anything that mentions whether or not Gel-Gloss provides any UV protection. Does anyone know if it does? If it doesn’t, I’d probably stick to my usual method of just cleaning the boat with a biodegradable cleaner, then applying 303 protectant.


Gel-Gloss was recommended to me
by an RV dealer when I had a fiberglass travel trailer for sale. It did a nice job of cleaning and shining the fiberglass, but I don’t know the answer to the other questions.

River Goddess

If you want your glass boat to shine
if the shine is gone from the boat, here is what I use.

I started using it on my sailboat, and since the Supernova is glass, I use it on it. It really makes it shine! On bottle on a canoe will last a very long time, and yes you do need the poly prep.

The nice thing–no rubbing or buffing. Just clean with the prep, wipe it on. It’s kind of like the clear coat on a car but thinner. If you need to touch it up, just wipe some more on. It disolves itself.