Gel Seat Pads?

-- Last Updated: Mar-23-04 1:59 PM EST --

I want to put gel seat pads into a couple boats.

I really need one for the OK Mars. The thin one I put in is way too hard. Going to be hard to pull it off, I think. The Mar is 28" wide. A hot seat grande might fit, bit it might also cover the scupper holes....

I also want one for the Revenge, which has a pretty narrow cockpit. The beam is 25", but the cockpit is much narrower. It does not have scupper holes in the seat area.

I checked surf to summit hot seats, and Yakpads.

Any other suggestions?

For the old seat… Peanut Butter!
Just spread it on and let the squirrels do the rest…

Seriously, I used “Goof Off” to get mine off… it’s NOT pretty… GH

I guess I better go with another glue on seat for the Mars to cover the mess…

Maybe a Hot Seat Grande, and burn holes for the Scuppers, or seal them off…

I Have Three
Bought two and got the other in a trade. Wife’s new Liquidlogic has VERY comfortable seat so not needed. I put velcro tape on mine to keep it in place. I could let one of the extras go cheap if interested, Kim. E-mail me. WW

Thanks! email on the way! I will buy it sight unseen. I have enough boats around here that it will not go to watse.

As long as it does not have the backband attached. I like to keep backband and seatpad separate.

It comes off…
compleatly just a mess. I took mine off fiberglass…

Check Your E-mail
Took a quick pic of the one that doesn’t already have the velcro attached. Got it in a trade last year (with and haven’t used it since it’s an “Extra.” WW

use a closed foam
hunting seat pad. About $4 and really works well for those 4-5 hr. paddling trips.

Consider a self-inflating foam pad…
…like the backpackers use. They make small ones for a canoe or kayak seat. Unlike the gel pads, these are a lot lighter and they stay just as cushy in cold weather as warm. Some of them have straps so they can be permanently mounted on the seat bottom. My self-inflating pad has been a lifesaver for me because my posterior end tends to get sore easily.

Check Is In The Mail!
Really! Thanks a lot Terri!

The Seat Is In USPS Hands
Mailed it off a few hours ago. BTW, it’s TerrY (Y) not (I) (LOL)! Reminds me of when I was in Nursing School years ago. Received a letter with my name spelled Terri asking if I’d be interested in joining “The Sisters of St. Francis.” The wanted me to become a NUN! Wonder what they would have done if I had showed up, letter in hand, ready to take them up on their offer! WW