Gelcoat Blisters

Just this week I purchased a 1996 Betsy Bay Recluse that was in pretty bad shape but, with some work, will be a nice addition to my Nordkapp and Greenlander Pro. One problem with the boat is there are small blisters around the entire parameter of the deck. I’ve done some research to find that blisters (which I’ve never encountered on any of my sea kayaks before) are caused by water intrusion between the gelcoat and the fiberglass. Some sites say they are cosmetic, others state the opposite. Since I purchased the boat for $200 I’m not going to remove the blisters and having to deal with gel-coating - I only want to prevent more blisters from occurring.
I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that since the blisters extend only about 2 inches from the edge of the deck, the water must be coming in trough the exterior black tape between the deck and the hull. If I can seal that area it should prevent new blisters from forming.
So here is my question: What method should I use to seal the tape? I’ve seen several recommendations on various sites - from Flex-Seal tape or spray, using Keeleazy keel guard tape cut to 0.75 in, applying gelcoat with a small roller…
Has anyone experienced this problem and, if so, what is the solution?

Not from picture where it’s coming in but you need to use epoxy barrier coating and then a top coat.

Interlux paints at they tell you proceedure there. Sand blisters open, let dry, fill, and top coat. I would use two part polyurethane for top coat.

You could spend couple hundred on materials.

Thanks for the info but I’m just looking to use the Recluse for playing around rolling and occasional short paddles. My Greenlander Pro and Nordkapp are much more comfortable (I have size 14 feet that will have to remain at 45 degrees in the Recluse), have larger hatches and day hatches. Not going to spend a lot of time & $ fixing it up as it looks pretty good as is.
Just trying to keep the pox from spreading.

Keep dry when not in use

If it’s a wood core, it’s not gel coat …if it’s a Wilderness Glass model then it’s gel. If it’s a wood core, it’s Interlux {I believe that’s what Al uses} Huge weight difference between the two construction types and different repair approach.

After more research I’m going to try 1" Gorilla Tape to Go. Bought 60’ today at Walmart for $6 so if it doesn’t work I’m not out much.

If I find it doesn’t hold up I’ll pull it off and use KeelEazy’s SeamsEazy which will cost around $80 for 40 feet.

I store all my boats hanging from the ceiling in my garage so keeping them dry when not in use won’t be a problem. Thanks to all that offered suggestions - I appreciate it.