Gelcoat buffing

I lent my 5" random-orbit palm sander to a co-worker for a couple of weeks and she returned it with a boxful of accessories as a ‘thank you’. Among these items are a foam pad and a woolly fleece-like bonnet designed for buffing, I guess. The few buffing jobs I’ve done in the past required borrowing a big right-angle grinder from work and the purchase of a new soft disk and pad. The ‘pro’ set-up would obviously make the job of a minor spruce-up go quickly but, since I’ve already got the small-scale ‘homeowner’ items, I am curious to know if anyone here has tried it and what your thoughts might be regarding results. TIA

the 5" will do the job, eventually but you have to work slow and cover the entire boat evenly, it’s easy to get a “spotty” look with a small buffer. those are great for touch up work etc, but for an entire boat, a bigger buffer is a better way to go.

Thanks, sloopy
Those were my initial thoughts as well. My hull’s never gonna look brand new but, since it’s getting new rails and decks this winter, a quick shiny-izing might be in order.