Gelcoat repair. How to?

Just bought a new gelcoat damaged FG Tempest 170. Damaged in shipping. ~ 1x3 inch defect to gelcoat, completely off. FG looks untouched. Can not notice defect from inside hull. Seam not damaged. Defect located near day hatch on greatest radius of deck but not involving any recessed fittings.

The drill???:

Mask off --> remove loose gelcoat, sand lightly -> acetone area, let dry -> apply gelcoat leaving proud feathering to edges -> cover w/ plastic wrap,let cure-> Sand 220-600, buffing compound.

Bnystrom has great pics of how to
I think he also has a book too, look at the archives, or maybe, he can post the link again.

Sanding, I would go up 2000 before buffering.


repair article
check the Feb. 2006 Sea Kayaker article by Brian Day “Gel-coat Repair for Mortals”. It’s posted on the mag’s website. I’ve been studying it for my upcoming work in the aftermath of the “Aquanaut vs. rusty Ford pickup” duel.

Cheers, Alan

Just use that black Bondo fairing
compound, and you can be more confident that no one will steal your boat.


Long … have to scroll down to
How to touch up a minor surface scratch …

This is how the pros do it when time, money and descerning customers count.

Here’s Brian Nystrom link to Gelcoat
repair. Brian does an excellent job through pictures of explaining the whole process.