Generel Questions

Hey guys. I have been paddling a 11ft Old Town Cayuga for a bout 4 years now and love it. I have recently been getting into longer paddles, and have found that I am hooked. This past Saturday I decided that I am going to paddle all 631 miles of the Alabama Scenic River Trail in one go. This will be my MBA graduation present

My question is what are some small pointers you friendly people can lend me. Whether it be from paddles, boats, food, ect.

I am currently looking at a Current Designs Cyprus or Gulfstream, or a Hurricane Tracer 165. Anyone have any experience with these?

I am an avid camper/hiker so I have all the other gear I need, but what are some kayak specific things I should look for.

Is there any kayak exercises that I can be doing to get ready or anything?

Thank you for your input!

Thank you for your help guys!

Check your packing and loading drill
beforehand. I’d take a canoe for that venture, because it’s so easy to get packs in and out. Packing, unpacking my Necky kayak would take a good deal longer.

Take some long paddles prior
to starting to see if you are going to end up with blisters and/or kayak can.

You can usually toughen up your fingers with a few paddles, and turn any blisters into calluses.

If not bring along some electrical tape which is great for preventing blisters or covering them up.

jack L

The problem with taking a canoe is there is a few rapids on the northern stretch of the river.

I have really tough hands. I did olympic style lifting for years so my hands are plenty tough.

My favorite at-home kayak exercise is to get a 4’ length of 1" black iron pipe, and wrap it with electrical tape. Put some chair-leg bumpers on the ends to save your floors and furniture.

Sit on a low bench or stool, and paddle with the pipe, using GOOD FORM. Torso rotation; shaft parallel to your shoulders throughout; top hand at eye-height, moving horizontally.

If you’re doing it right, you’ll feel it in your shoulders and lats very quickly.

Next use those exercise rubber band loops. Sit on the floor, and put one end around your foot. Double-loop the other end around the end of your pipe. Then just hold your paddle like you’re at the start of your stroke, and then ROTATE (don’t pull) until the pipe is back to your butt. Go slowly, repeat until you’ve had it. Then pause and do another set.

I like these because they get doing something on days when I can’t paddle, especially at the beginning of the season when I feel like I’ve got some catching up to do before I head off on bigger outings. However, for getting in shape for paddling, you just can’t beat paddling. I’d recommend getting in as many miles as you can before doing a really long trip, including some long days, so you know what that feels like.

What kind of rapids will you encounter?

Im not exactly sure of the rapids yet. I just decided to do it on saturday haha.

Im giving myself a year to buy my new kayak and take a course to learn how to roll and paddle correctly