Gentle Kayak Transport......

ABC, K&S ???

Isn’t there another carrier who specializes in kayak/canoe transport ?

Not F.A , Yellow, etc…


Con-Way, Qcc uses them to transport,and Roadway delivered my first Qcc. Almost any carrier will ship if you want to pay the price for oversized item charge.Package it well because some carriers are Apes when handling kayaks.Good Luck

Happy Paddling billinpa

Forward Air I h ad them ship 2 yaks for
me and they were good.

Thanks guys… but I am looking
for another carrier that has the type of trailer where the boats sit on specifically designed bunks with nothing else around them such as ABC and K&S … this is the safest way to go.

ABC will not be here for a while and not really sure if I would ever use the other again.

Pat, you might ask the guys at
Novus Composites who they used. Although the kayaks were in a simple long cardboard box with some stuffing-they came all the way from Tacoma to the Treasure Coast, here in Florida, without a scratch or a ding on the box. Still happily paddling with your Onno.

Pat if you are not in a rush
I could get a boat or 2 up to Pt Townsend or east into the Yellowstone for you.

Affordable Kayak Carriers
Offers the service you are looking for. Try sending them an email.