Georgia Strait

We have been checking out the SunLund by the sea and seeing some very interesting paddles in the Pacific Georgia Strait. Planning on a couple of weeks in August…anybody have any input? Thanks in advance. Teri

Georgia Strait paddling

– Last Updated: Jul-29-05 3:43 PM EST –

You do not paddle in the Strait itself; it is a large and can be difficult water. what you want is a Desolation Sound (adjacent to Georgia Strait) trip, or Gulf Islands trip. Both are very easy to oganise. Gulf Islands is less intimidating, all sheltered waters with easy access at any time to the roads, inns and B&B's, and lots of them are right on the waterfront with their own docks. The Islands have a network of sea trails with isolated campgrounds accessible by kayak only. Can be paddled in 2 to 14 days. Usually August is the best time of the year, sunny and comfortably warm, little wind, easy, safe, and civilised (but you will get the feeling of remoteness.) The best starting point is Sidney near Victoria. Just cross the Georgia Strait by the ferry from Tsawassen, and you are in Sidney, between the islands. Park the car somewhere in this small town, check with one of the kayaking rental places for charts and details, and off you go into another world of tranquility and safety.

Wish you luck on this beautiful trip, Greg