I am going to be in Augusta Georgia from July until October this year and may take my whitewater boat.

Is there good whitewater nearby? Are the rivers flowing high enough that time of year? Are all the rivers in that area free-flowing / rain dependent?

Are there any whitewater clubs you can point me towards in that area?



Try asking your question

The closest GA runs that may hold up
in the summer are the Broad from 281 to 172 (, the Chattooga, and the upper Chattahoochee. There is dam-controlled WW on the Saluda in Columbia, SC, but the releases are feast-or-famine, and some of the feasts are like trying to get a drink from a fire hose. Remember that Augusta is right on the fall line. Most of the rapids on the Savannah are covered by reservoirs. The Chattooga, being the upper Savannah, is not dam controlled. Section 4, hardes and most dangerous, is runnable through most summers. Section 3, in my opinion, is not worth the long day below 1.8, and plain stupid under 1.5.

Go to and click on river tools. You can read brief descriptions of the listed runs. Also check the SC runs. Then you can join AW out of gratitude.