Georgian Bay in November???

I am considering a trip on the Georgian Bay near Byng Inlet this November (early November…only time I can do it).

I am concerned that the weather may be a bit iffy this time of year that far north.

From what I can tell on the net it appears that the average temps are pretty reasonable (generally only getting down to around freezing at night and then warming up in the day); however, that sounds a lot warmer than I would expect. I don’t mind cold temps, but lots of ice and snow are not really preferred.

Can anyone comment on paddling this time of year at that location? Are the fall colors still around or have the leaves pretty much fallen off at that point?

This may actually be a great time to do the trip if the leaves are still in color and there is no snow.


Georgian Bay
The colors will be pretty much gone by the end of October. According to Environment Canada snow in November is not unusual although since I am more interested in skiing at that time I rarely find enough snow to cross country sky that early. Of more concern are westerly and south westerly winds and waves. Waves can build to decent size fairly quickly.

Winds and Waves
Personally I see that as a bonus!

What about water temps that time of year?


Water Temps
I have not kayaked in Georgian Bay. My kayaking in that area has been in the French River and Lake Nipissing. I have sailed in the North Channel and the northern portion of Georgian Bay and have gone swimming off the sail boat there during the Summer. Water temps were cool but not anything to worry about (like 60 degrees). In November, I don’t know.

I would plan on…

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dangerous, rapid hypothermia inducing water temps for that area in November.

That part of Lake Huron never really warms up that much. Now add temps dropping to at or near freezing every night and intermittent sunshine during the day.

Bying Inlet is at the NE corner of Georgian Bay.
Current NOAA data I just ducked out to look at shows lake temp falling to upper 50's (Fahrenheit) at night and only warming to mid 60's during the day. And that's for August.

Plan on ice on the water every morning and on a good day the water may warm up to lower 40's.

Just my opinion... I've not paddled/visited Georgian Bay at that time of year.


It is going to be hit and miss. If we
have a mild fall there may be a leaf or two left, but I would plan on the leaves being down up there at that time of year. The water will depend on what kind of fall we have. I think you will not likely see ice or snow (remember the hit and miss thing). You should plan on there being some pretty nice days still that time of year 45-65 degrees air and 40-55 degree water. The good news is that the winds usually clock from s-sw to w-nw that time of year leaving less room for a good fetch. October and November are two of the best months to paddle in the Great Lakes as far as I am concerned. You should have a great time.

About what I would have thought…
I was up there a couple of weeks ago and the water was pretty cool for summer time…I would estimate about 65 if I had to guess.

I would think that the water in the fall would be around 50 or so. Not too bad in my opnion, but definitely dry suit water temps for that kind of a trip.

I’m just not a huge fan of the dry suit but looks like it’s a necessity that time of year. I guess I kind of knew that anyway.

Seems that typical temps will range from around 30 at night to about 60 in the day with probably about 50 degree water temps. To me that is pretty descent conditions and acceptable risk for a solo trip.


Bustard Islands
If you don’t have a trip plan yet, consider heading to the Bustard Islands. A friend and I did that trip in four days from Byng, which included 1.5 days of sitting around waiting for gale force winds to let up.

We found a couple of sweet campsites. Here is the UTM data for our two campsites: 17 515157E, 5083053N and the best one 17 506229E, 5080836N.

I have a trip report on my website if your interested.

I would like to see your trip report as well. What is your website address???



I have paddled the southern…
Georgian Bay (below Parry Sound) in late Sept. & the water was surprisingly warm, still in 70’s, but I was told it cools down very quickly in Oct.

I agree by Nov. drysuit & by early Dec…a SKAT!

georgin bay area
I live close to area and just quit my job, this fall

as last fall even in November I’ll be camping in that

area. Pack a dry suit, warm bag and life is good.

Personally fall for me is the best camping season.

Phillip Edward Island
Consider this area, this is one of the best area’s

of georgian bay. Look this area up.

It’s a bit different than my normal trip report. I ended up with some pretty good pictures from the trip. I just love that place.