Georgian Bay Info?

I am planning a trip for 2007 to the southern part of Georgian Bay. Any suggestions on sites, outfitters, or when would be the best time (ie. to avoid bugs or bad weather)?


There are several people there experienced in Goergian Bay.

There is an outfitter called
White Squall in that area who may be able to help. They are a major source of boats,instruction, etc. You can Google for them and see what they have to offer.

We were at both ends of Killarney and visited at least half a dozen sites scattered around Georgian Bay, starting in late July, and except for occasional evening mosquitos, we had no problem with insects at all.

had you been there in June…
…you might not have been so lucky…the Georgian Bay mosquitoes are especially ravenous then & will go for any untreated inch…even your eyeballs!

August & early September are the best months weatherwise.

Are you planning to join a group or rent an island to camp? Lots of fishing camps to choose from also.

Agreed, June is bad
Earliest would be late July, but you’ll still get some mosquitos.

Georgian Bay
Flowerpot Island, off the tip of the Bruce Peninsula is an attractive paddle and has six campsites on the island. I also paddled out of Parry Sound, last May and found the flies to be bad. I would echo what has been said previously about White Squall in Parry Sound being a good resource.