Georgian Bay Park trip

Looking for suggestions on doing GBINP in late June. We have 4 intermediate to experienced kayakers with 3 to 4 days to explore the Beausoleil Island area.Looking for best campsites,must see & do’s,best maps and other tidbits. We’d be coming from Michigan thru Port Huron & would be looking for lodging & good restaurant within an hour of Honey Harbour. Can’t wait for the last ice to leave !!! Ajay

no specifics but to root you on
i spent 2 weeks in Ontario last September visiting Bruce Peninsula NP, Algonquin PP, Massasagua (sp?)PP and Kilarney PP…bottom line is that Ontario is a paddlers mecca, when we went the kids were back in school, most of the tourists gone, and the bugs were non-existant. I got to paddle every day with the exception of a day when I hiked a section of the Bruce Trail near the grotto. If i could return I would focus totally on the Kilarney area-doing the 70 backpack around the hole park and base a multi-day paddle in the 10,000 isle region.