Georgian Bay--Tobermory to Killarney

Has anyone paddled the Tobermory to Killarney stretch of Georgian Bay and, in particular, the islands such as Lonely Island and Squaw Island? It looks like there might be some nice island-hopping opportunities, especially from Squaw Island to West Fox Island.

A trip in the area would have major open-water crossings and navigational challenges. There is First Nations land involved where access may be restricted. Has anyone paddled this stretch and be willing to share their knowledge. I’ve found little on the Internet thus far about this area even though it looks like a great spot for an extended trip.


Not that section
I’ve paddled from Byng Inlet to the Bustards and back, but not the section that you’re interested in. The First Nations land in the section that I paddled was off limits.

I suspect that your biggest crossing may be a bit rough, but other than that it looks like a fun jaunt.

When planning my trip, I used a guidebook called Paddling Georgian Bay. Nice book.

may be something here

look under “destinations”