Georgian Bay

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My wife and I went to Georgian Bay over the 4th of July in our kayaks. Here is an account of the trip.

Beautiful Area!!!

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I just got back from a short 4 day trip from Georgian bay also (aug 1-4) - launching from Camp Dore on Key R also (very friendly folks at this place).. I do believe there are several campsites along the Key R - until you start getting down towards the "populated" area at Key harbor... We had black bears on our island - foraging for the numerous berry patches. I love how it is still light after watching the sun set at night. This area is extremely beautiful!!! I love your pictures and excellent trip report - it just makes me want to go back for more! I was slightly south of your location. Anyone who has never kayaked in this area doesn't know what they are missing.

What nice pictures!
Been wanting to paddle up that way for some years and your trip report has definitely re-kindled the fever.

I’ll be trying to pick your brain about Georgian Bay when my time comes to paddle there.

So many places to paddle, so little time!

Thanks for the inspirational trip report.


Great report…!
I just emailed my son…

“How about next spring when you get out of school?”

We did Georgian Bay about 9 years ago, absolutely love the area. Have friends in Sudbury that I’d like to see again.

Great photo’s too, post more if you can.


Camping on Key River
I didn’t see any campsites except one on the south side of the river. This is Indian Reservation territory and is off limits.

Try French River PP
on RT. 69, launch from Hartley Bay, go out any one of several routes to the Bay and the islands, investigate Fox Islands, go back up the Pickerel and around 14 mile island.

You can go up further on the French and circumnavigate 18 mile island. Launch at Wolseley Bay.

The Key River is a very motorboated river and better rivers are parallel to it for paddling.

There is a map available from French River PP Visitor Center on 69.

This area is good for a short trip or two weeks. I have done a couple of eight dayers.

I’ve never kayaked there, but have done several trips to Tobermory for the wreck diving. Probably the best freshwater ship wreck diving in the world. But now I have to go and leave the SCUBA home and take the yaks! Great report, and wonderful pictures!

Nice Trip Report
Nice trip report and pictures. I paddled out there last year in the spring and loved it. We put-in on Byng Inlet and paddled out to the Bustards on a four day trip. Had Gale Force winds 1.5 days, so really we only had 2.5 days of paddling. It was really fun and the lighthouses were fantastic.

If you’re interested in seeing my report, it’s on my website.

Thanks again for the trip report. It was nice to see the area from your perspective.

Phillip Edward Island
Just abit past French River is Killarney and

at Chikanishing River you can park and

paddle out into Georgian Bay and the big island(Phillip Edward Island)

about 12 miles long is crown land and can camp any where. Probably the most scenic area of Georgian Bay

and the water is a green blue color in that area.

I did a 4 day trip in July and going back this fall.

georgian bay
fantastic report. I never get tired of looking at pics of Georgian Bay. Never two the same. I live only an hour and a bit from Parry Sound and don’t enjoy this Gem enough. Been taking my 12 yo son out kayaking with me lately in hopes we’ll do a trip next season. By then he should be an accomplished paddler.