GeoTagging river pics

Anyone else tagging river pics into Google Earth ?

Curious to know which software packages people like and use often.

Where the heck is that?

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I get lost in the nomenclature of the computer world so I can’t say much about software but I do use Picasa Web Albums to share my adventures. The photo location feature is so easy to use I am puzzled why so many fail to.

I try to select a few landmark type pictures for the map on each album, certainly one for the put-in and take-out. It is frustrating to read/view an interesting report and not have a clue to what part of the country it’s coming from.

On the Internet we have a very large audience. The name of a river in North Carolina has little meaning to someone in North Dakota. Click the minus button on the map and you know what part of the planet a report is coming from. I much appreciate when folks use a mapping feature.

I know where that is… I have…

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Done that one before. It is about 2.5-3 hours south of me.

I have done a lot of rivers throughout Michigan. All the way from the Pine down to the Kalamazoo.

Some small enough that my boat barely fit between the banks & others so wide that it took a few minutes to paddle across. Plus the Great Lakes, got two of those under the hull.

Beautiful country in this state, but SHITTY politics!!

paddle easy,


I use Expertgps
from There are many other applications that do this too, but I already had expertgps for other nice gps features. If you load a gps track from some trip you can then point the program to a folder full of jpegs and it will tag them all using the timestamps found both in photos and in gps tracks. It even has a nice feature to tell the program how much your camera and gps’s times are off from each other so it can correct.

Dumping into Google Earth
TONS of programs link pics to GPS - but does it dump into something useful for Google Earth to share pics ?

When I take 100 pics or more, I have no interest in physically typing or copy/paste all the lat/long coordinates into another screen to upload into a Google Earth dump.

Pictures explain more than reports

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This is exactly why I feel strongly for using Google Earth picture placement to actually "show" people what to expect.

The headwaters of the Shiawassee River in Holly, Michigan are indeed very narrow, very twisty and paddlers need to be attentive and focused when water levels are high. As it moves 50 miles north to Owosso,Michigan it really widens out and a paddler can "relax" a bit more without worrying about strainers or dumping their boat as much.

The "section" someone runs on a river can really vary.
Generalization claiming a river is easy or hard don't really cut it unless you have geographic info attached.

I truly believe the Shiawassee River will soon compete against the Ausable and Grand Rivers in Michigan as a venue for canoe/kayak races and more recreation. It just doesn't get much "media hype" which is what I'm trying to change.
Willi Gutmann aka Willi_H2O

software tied to a GPS will alter the jpeg file itself to add a location tag. jpeg has many other tags like what type of camera or exposure settings were used. Picasa and Google Earth and others know to look for those tags within the jpeg file.

Not exact;ly

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Picassa won't "automatically" geotag from EXIF data into Google Earth unless you go thru the Panaramio software first for the ID number and *.kml file

Navigating and zooming to each location with crosshairs for 100 pics isn't exactly a "automatic" data dump.

Please let me know if you a know a work around

you may be right… what I’ve actually done is a) posted on Picasa with tags and it does place them on a map and b) I’ve used another feature of expertgps to take both my gps track and my photo folder to create a .kml or .kmz file which Google Earth can read. It’s been a while so I had forgotten some of these finer details.

The kicker
For a few photos, no biggie - for a 20 mile trip it’s a pain

was all automatic…
…when I used expertgps and other tools may be as good. Whether 20 or 1000 photos the only difference is I may have to walk away for a while while it did the work.

Show me your work
Where can I find your Geotagged photos on Google Earth ?

Tagging is the easy part - posting into Google Earth…

I export tagged photos to GE, but…
…didn’t publish to the web such that any GE user could see. Rather I created a Google Earth file (.kmz) that hast the track and photos viewable from my own Google Earth session.

Now for Picasa I have . For this I used ExpertGPS to auto tag my jpegs then had Picasa publish the photos on their site. I didn’t need to click on each location for each photo because the software got the locations from the GPS track automatically by matching timestamps from the tracks to those in the photos.

I do note however that from the Picasaweb album in the above link you can view them in Google Earth


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The devil is always in the details - THANKS

Any "tweaking required from the interpolation of the data and where it "thinks" the photo was taken ?

Panoramio gives each picture a Google Earth ID number

The pics get reviewed, then are “allowed” into Google Earth

no tweaking
I’m sure the photos aren’t 100% dead on the locations, but probably within 100 yards or less. Still an interesting question to see if the software I use does interpolate – just never checked.