get a grip

I have a pair NRS light weigh neoprine gloves but the palms and fingers are slick and it’s hard to hang on to the paddle. Anybody know how to rejuvinate the grip or can suggest something to put on the palm and fingers to make them grippy?

pine tar?
Wondering if a small amount of pine tar might help. It is typically used on baseball bats for reducing slippage. You can Google it and see a number of possibilities. Probably, a little dab will do ya.


Yeah, put some other gloves on
I had a pair of NRS gloves with the slippery snakes of coating on them. They had awful feel on the paddle, both slippery and squishy.

Glacier Gloves provided both good grip and warmth, without the dreaded neoprene squish. Worth upgrading for about $40 to $50.

sex wax
You can rub some surf wax on your paddle shaft to improve gripiness.

I had the same problem
with some neoprene gloves and as a result I never use them. If you don’t need a waterproof glove, in cold weather I use work gloves that have a heavy, knobby rubber palm and warm (but not at all waterproof) top. I carry at least two pairs of gloves in cold weather in case one gets wet. Not a good strategy for conditions where you’re sure to get wet.

thanks for the suggestions
I will give the suf wax a shot. I use with a greenland paddle so the gloves get wet. I also thought about making gripping docs out og Aquiseal

works on tools so why not on fingertips of gloves!

That should help
I’ve used that stuff to reduce the slipperiness of kneeling pads. I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but due to the nature of the topic where I’ve done so, it’s probably unlikely that many kayakers ever read it. Yes, it works. It’ll probably take three coats, as it soaks into fabric and “disappears” at first.

Not sure what you can do with the gloves you have, I suggest going to a Maarine Supply Center - the specialize in gloves for on the water…Sailers, especially those involved in regular Regattas use special gloves which help with no slipping in the fabric and design. Good Luck

I’ll Be The One
I bet you’re using a Euro paddle.

A Greenland paddle has that nice shoulder to grip onto.

Might a bit of silicone help?

boy are you thorough
I want to counter that - but I can’t.