Get any paddling gear, including a boat, for Christmas?

I didn’t but I have it all unless THE BOAT comes along.

My boats on order but I did get a couple of small items in preparation.

Santa informed me there is a pfd knife heading my way!

Hopefully not blade first.


i dreamt I got a new well constructed kevlar SKUK/NDK Explorer. In reality I got a package of minicell foam.


No gear this year, but my daughter gave me this travel map. I filled it in for 2023 - yellow is sea kayak, light blue is flatwater, dark blue is whitewater, red is hiking and green is camping. One camping trip in ME, a few whitewater trips in NH, but I didn’t make to to VT this year. Most of my paddling was local. Hopefully one more trip before the year ends.

I’d need a bigger map if I traveled like tdaniel. My son did give me a new headlamp for camping that I hope to use this weekend.


I got new underwear. Santa must know me since they’re neoprene.

I like the map, adding the pins is a nice touch. In 2023 I didn’t paddle at all in New England!

I gave my husband books with paddling destinations and maps.

And a fancy navigation watch.

We usually use Google Earth :earth_americas:

At least they aren’t Depends.