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I’m looking for some new rivers to yak. We go down the same spots all the time… white water in Brookville, IN and we go from the feeder dam in Laurel, IN, to the bridge on 52 in Metamora, IN and we go to Whitewater in Connersville, IN.
I’m looking for new routes preferably kid and pet friendly also need to know where to get in and where to get out im horrible with directions so i use maps for everything. And i dont mind traveling i love road trips we have our own yaks and 2 vehicle’s. Thank you all in advance

so I’m a bit familiar with that part of the country, taught in richmond a couple of years and went to Miami . I think the ww river is the bright spot! I’d go check out the mad river (dayton), easy to get to, lots of good current and cold water but more urban feel. Go on the other side of Indy and check out sugar creek, and in the spring check out four mile creek in Ohio from below the dam at hueston woods down to the outskirts of Hamilton, the licking (ky) is surprisingly scenic around falmouth ky, Take a road trip and overnight on the rockcastle or big south fork- portages required, 4 or 5 hour drive but more remote feeling for sure- you’ve got to earn it a bit in ky.

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and drive down to the blue river (near louisville but in IN) somewhat seasonal, the prettiest river I’ve paddled in that part of the country is Rocky Fork located not far from Hillsboro Ohio, I know they used to do releases- you would have to research that one. I am headed to sugar creek again (a different stretch) June 19th and 20th. ';m always looking for paddle and shuttle partners.

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Head for Michigan. Then Wisconsin and northern Minnesota.