Get your gear while the getting's good

My new spray skirt just arrived, and I won an Astral BlueJacket in the National Paddling Film Fest auction which should be here soon. It seems like gear is available right now but I’d get a move on if you need anything. I had to get my skirt from a dealer after Immersion Research ran out pretty quick once they had more in stock. Now I’m nearly set for the season - once I’m recovered from surgery and can paddle.


I hope your recovery is full and quick. Had wondered why I wasn’t seeing you post any photos. Speaking of gear, I picked up a sea to summit deck bag to carry my Lumix camera in while paddling (birthday gift from my youngest as I entered my 8th decade). I am enjoying the unseasonable spring like weather we have had here in February both paddling and camping. I am worried about the early warm weather and a hard freeze killing an early tree bloom.

A few photos of the blooms in the yard on the last day of February.

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