Getting a canoe transported

Hi everyone- I’ve got a question regarding getting a canoe transported to my house. Normally I’d move it myself, however, it’s currently over 6 hours away and the earliest I’d be able to pick it up is December and I’m trying to get it back home earlier. Has anyone here had their canoes transported? I’ve called a freight company, but they said since its not a brand new product they don’t want to move it (in case something happened to it, it would be questionable whether it was already in that condition.)

I’m to the point where I’m thinking of taking a day off work to go get it, but I’d really rather have it delivered (but I’m beginning to think that’s too much to ask for!)

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I’d really appreciate the help! Thanks!

Where is it and where does it need to
go? Sometimes there are folks who are traveling and willing to haul a boat if you pay for their trip. 6 hrs. is probably a couple tanks of gas. It’s a nice way to help each other out.

Maybe your local paddling club knows of someone who would be willing.

Only a month and 6 hours away? Wait.

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It is just not worth the hassles and expence in this case. Too many boats damaged by truckers. But unless it is an all plastic boat my advise is not to ship it. Just wait as you are almost there.



BTW: A ride on another paddlers rack is a good idea if it pops up.