Getting a kayak or 11 ft sup to Catalina

Anyone know of a way to get a kayak or 11ft SUP onto Catalina island CA? The Catalina Express will only take 9ft sups and no kayaks.

Inflatable SUP might get there (NM)

Inflatable SUP might get there (NM)

Issue in flux …

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A few years ago the large main ferry used to take kayaks no problems, then only a line running out of New Port Harbor. Then only Catalina Freight Line ... I think all of these companies are out of business. You can contact the companies listed here in this article ...

Another idea would be to contact the Boy Scout Camp at Emerald bay and ask who ships their equipment lately.

You should be able to rent a sit on top kayak on the island with no problem.

There are also some charter companies who take surfers out to channel islands that might be able to give you some guidance. One is in Dana Point the other in Ventura Harbor.

rentals ?