Getting a Necky Manitou 14

Well…I decided to sell my Pungo 140 and replace it with a better coastal performer. We’ve got a Pungo 120 and a 14’ Necky Dolphin. I’ve been so impressed with the Dolphin, but need a sit in for my photography (on flat water the Pungo 120 is an unbeatable photography platform), so… When Necky announced that they were closing (Johnson anyway), I figured…might as well. It was between this boat, Dagger Alchemy, and an Eddyline Calypso…all 14. All very nicely put together boats, and all with points in favor. The Necky just felt like it fit me the best. I’m excited!

As long as you don’t harm any tuna with it I’m happy for you. Congrats.

I leave no trace…and take only pictures :slight_smile:

Always follow your instincts! Best wishes for happy days on the water in your new boat.

Congrats. I have Necky Manitous in 13 and 14 lengths and love them.

Eat when yer hungry. Sleep when yer tired. Get Necky’d–whenever ye can!