Getting back in after 20 years

Hi all. I’m getting back into kayaking after 20 years. Just turned 50. I have a perception Corona and need a skirt. Anyone know what size I need?

According to, your cockpit is 34x19, but it doesn’t give a circumference, which some companies like Immersion Research prefer. If you’re looking at a Seals spray skirt, you’re a 1.7. All companies are a little different, so I’d figure out what you want for a skirt first, and then size accordingly.

Thank you

Go to each spray skirt company website. They have made it easy to determine for most manufactured kayaks. Your model should be on most lists.


As above check the guides on companies’ website first. But if you trace the cockpit and send it to an outfit that sells someone’s skirt, they usually can come up with a solution. I did this with Snap Dragon for one skirt. Seals will do it too,

Only caution is that everyone is not fully around right now due to the virus. But that should start improving after this wknd given where most are based.

Thank you Celia, all of you. I really enjoy the rudder, it works fantastically. I had a new pungo 120 and I loved the hatch lids. Way better than the rubber lids on the Corona. But it felt very heavy in the water. Corona is a bit tippy. Or I am. One of us is a bit tippy in the water. I assume time in the boat will fix this. Anyone have any experience with a perception Corona?

Corona is fine once you have time in it. But it is an entirely different boat than the Pungo and should feel different. The difference is between a rec boat and a sea kayak.

Corona is a sea kayak and is intended to rock side to side some to handle waves etc for open water. The Pungo is intended for flat water where that is not an issue. So it sits flat and is quite unreactive.

However in dimensional stuff the Pungo will get unstable a lot faster than the Corona.

If this is a new concept to you from past paddling, I strongly advise you find some basic lessons as soon as you can. Things like on-water re-entry may also be skills you never had, because rec boats like the Pungo do not support that well if at all. Or edging etc. The boat you have now is rigged to handle that stuff.

Have you confirmed if the perimeter line is still solid? If it has been sitting long enough you may want to run new line. Just get the stuff for kayaks with a core. I ran one set of lines that did not have it. While I now have 1000 pound test perimeter line, I exhausted most of my colorful language getting it thru the deck fittings.

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No I never had to re-enter from the water. I think I only tipped over once and I was near shore. I had the pungo for one day and knew it wasn’t for me. Back when I used to go kayaking I had a dagger Callisto. It seemed more stable than the Corona, going by my memory.
I have had the Corona for 2 days now. Today I looked in the front hatch and found an old skirt! Bonus for me.

Callisto was a step up from the Cypress which was rec side of transition. But yes, Corona is likely a little interactive.

Have fun!

Really? you took it out before you even checked it out?I bought a Corona 20 years ago brand new 3 days after buying a Carolina…It ( seemed at the time) to be the best outfitted(seaworthy) boat from the major brands that were available to me. It was sooooooooo tippy at first that I was afraid of it. I ended up using a made-up 6 lb bag of bird shot behind the seat, I quickly grew into the boat and totally enjoyed paddling it on many different types of water…Mostly Lake Erie…I’m not sure what you mean about hatch lids…mine has neoprene hatch covers under hard plastic covers… Before I moved on to ( I still have the boat, haven’t paddled it in probably10 years) Valley boats, it was my favorite go to toy. I’ve had it hanging in my basement and it’s almost pristine as I’ve never been one to run aground except on sand which isn’t very doable here. I’ve thought about selling it, but how much can one get for a vintage craft like that. Not Much a few hundred bucks at most.I call it my floor joist art. I have to admit I paddle canoes much more frequently now than kayaks and own 9 different paddlecraft, but the Corona has a special place in my paddling history

Coronaboy…get it?

Been here for 20 yrs with that name

Coronaboy, I get it. I’m glad to know someone else besides me had a tippy problem with the Corona. My wife wants me to stick with it, good exercise etc. Tomorrow morning I’m going back to the kayak store, try out some other boats. Can you tell me more about the sandbag behind the seat? I like the rudder, never had one before. I’d like to keep the Corona, maybe weighting it does something about the tippyness?

It turned out to be a small bag about 5x7x2 inches just centered on the floor behind the seat.I probably used it longer than I needed it but it helped alot at first. The other thing ya have to remember is to keep your hips loose. Pretty soon you’ll be able to rock back and forth with total confidence…