getting back into kayakiing

Moving to Hampton beach this month with my girlfriend, about to get back into My favorite sport ever - kayakiing. My love is with sea kayaks, to that end I am looking at a dagger baja 16 foot for 750 bucks off craigslist. I am 6’1 and 165 lbs, and I plan to do both calm and rough water. Rolling is one of the rummest things on earth to me, to that end, is there any advice you all can offer me?

Is that in NH?
If so, plan on buying a dry suit because otherwise, you will be both very wet and very cold:)

Is that good or bad?

Maybe i should check the urban dictionary.

I’m sorry :slight_smile: I was posting from my kindle and I didn’t check if the spelling was correct! I meant to say funnest.

As for the suit - I plan on buying a 5mm wetsuit, I do not think a drysuit is really all that necessary. The only thing I have any concern in this regard over is long, multi day treks in the colder seasons where I might accidentally get wet. If that happens, a bag of hand warmers should do the trick in the groin and armpit areas.

Mostly what I am interested in is peoples opinion on paddle and the type of kayak I am looking at. The dagger is apparently a discontinued model as of the early 2000’s and its very hard to get information on. The reviews on here lead me to believe good things about it though, and for 750 bucks it sounds like a deal.

for 750 it sounds good
Check for leaks and cracks where bolts come through the plastic. Bolts for knee braces and seats take a lot of stress and tend to crack over time. If it’s a skeg boat, check the connection with the cable.

16.5 feet is small for a sea touring boat. Sounds like it was built for a smaller stature person.

A wetsuit works fine with a drytop for rolling. I own a drysuit and wetsuit and was out in my wetsuit 2 weeks ago: it was 33F, occasional snow with a 25 kt wind. Hands were cold but the rest of me was fine.