Getting back into the seat - is my kayak safe?

I’m interested in getting back on the water and into my boat after many years out of it. I have a Prijon Calabria that is probably almost 20 years old. Admittedly, for the past 7 it’s been poorly cared for, stored outside in New England off the ground, hull covered and in a sheltered area, but outside nonetheless. I powered washed it yesterday and while faded it’s in unbelievably good shape. Before I head out with it are there specific safety inspection measures I should take? Thank you!

Deck lines probably shot. Picture of seat? Not that familiar with your hull post a few pictures. Hatches still work?

It’s Prijon, the plastic they use is different from the rest of the plastic boats on the market. Get the spiders, wasps and other critters out of it and go get on the water. Wear your PFD.


My recall is that the Calabria has at least one maybe two bulkheads. If it is one, get a float bag for the front. Prijon made very thick plastic l believe. If it doesn’t start taking on water from a crack or whatever within 50 feet of the shore it is likely fine.

The rest of safety, and the biggest part, is about you. Not the boat. What problems/risks are there where you paddle and do you have the skills and equipment to handle them?

Check your bulkheads that there’s no failures. Plastic on hull still has some flex not ready to crack?

If your deck lines are shot they may fail if your trying to hold your kayak. Twenty years is old especially if was uncared for for the last 7.

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Will do thank you!

Mine has one bulkhead. Great condition, both the cap and the skirt covering. Good question re safety in general. I took a kayak safety course when I purchased the boat. Best thing I’ve ever done. At this point most of the kayaking I’ll be doing will be in small lakes/ponds nearby, but I realize that all water can be dangerous. I have a bilge pump, paddle float, whistle and of course a good PFD. Thank you for your reply.

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I should have added that the float bag in the front is in great condition. I deflated it yesterday and reflated it without issue. Holds air nicely.