Getting Gorilla Tape Residue Off

So I am working on a Ranger canoe trying to get a patch on a long crack. What someone did is cover it with 4 mil plastic and then taped that down with Gorilla Tape. I got most of it off but there is a layer of residue where it was. I tried to scrape it off with a razor blade but it just kind of spread. I tried using a hair dryer to heat it but that didn’t work. I even tried a blow torch and razor blade, don’t ever try that! Someone suggested vegetable oil. My better half is good with letting me bring it in the house as my shed is unheated and winter is here but to bring it in means at least a day plus to do it and my house just ain’t that big!

Any ideas, suggestions on how to get this stuff off so I can move forward with the fixes? Many thanks!


tape residue
Use a solvent. Start with a mild one like mineral spirits & try some thing stronger like acetone. Use a rag. 9 out of 10 acitone will work with no problem. I do it all the time with my un ending projects for Falcon Kayak Sails.

Goo Gone

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Always loved this stuff for stickers, labels, tape, etc.
Citrus based , so its not quite so evil like other stuff

Goo Gone / Acetone
Goo Gone also does pretty well with sticky gooey things. If that doesn’t work, my money would be on acetone (found in the paint department).


acetone often does not work
I would put my money on paint thinner.

If I were you…
I would not be using acetone inside the house…

Use it somewhere that is well ventilated.


video from Gorilla Tape

now your definition of cool may be different from theirs… and be sure to let them know if any suggestions they presented worked.

3M Adhesive Remover
Took sun baked vinyl letters off a cargo trailer with this stuff. It works great!

WD-40 ?

mineral spirits


is what I’d try in that order.

Goo B Gone or DE-Solvit
Available at walmart and other fine shopping facilities. I’ve used it hundreds of times for taking tape/sticker residue off all kinds of things.

It’s citrus based so buy yourself some oranges while your at the store, you’ll want one by the time your done.

Please let us know
I’d like to find out what did work best when you are done.

Lighter Fluid
Some book stores use lighter fluid like you put in a Zippo to deal with sticker residue. Just be sure rinse well. :slight_smile:

Electric contact cleaner.
But I would wear gloves while using it. Also chlorinated or non chlorinated brake cleaner. Very STRONG stuff. Wear gloves or feel the tingle

How did they get that gorilla taped
in the first place? Carerul what you do. PETA is watching.

My 3 go-tos
My secret (ssssh, don’t tell anyone) low-impact solvent is bacon grease. It works on pine pitch, sticker glue and the like. Let it sit for a while, though.

Avon Skin-So-Soft Bath Oil is next. We have had a bottle around for years and never used it for a bath. I can’t stand the smell, but it works. It also works as bug repellant.

WD-40 if the others don’t work.

You’re Absolutely Right
For Acetone only solidified the residue on the scissors I used to trim the tape. Ordinary paint thinner did the job and now the scissors are unstuck.

Found It and It Works!
Well, here’s what I ended up doing, scroll down to todays date to see my entry:

But to put it into a nutshell it was Dawn Power Dissolver that came through although I had my doubts but I always game to try something new. And yes, it was at the suggestion of my better half as she is much smarter most days then I am, hate to admit that!

For the record it got the majority of the gunk off but I will have to do some more cleaning to get it “really” clean so I can start patching. A quick session with steel wool and maybe rub down of alcohol to really clean it up. From the pictures one can tell how thick it was and now I have a clean slate work on! Gotta love an easy fix!

Have a great holiday all!


Remove gorilla tape residue
Gorilla Tape on my Mont Blanc roof racks left a thick residue. To remove residue I tried: Goo Gone, WD40, rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl), acetone (nail polish remover), vinegar, vegetable oil, DIF concentrated wall paper stripper, Gumout carb &choke cleaner. Nothing worked very well. Here’s what did work:

  1. fresh Gorilla Tape to dab up residue. This didn’t get it all but removed more than half. 2) PB Penetrating Catalyst (nut & bolt blaster) got up the rest. 3) I finished by wiping clean with rubbing alcohol. I did this in a ventilated space using polyurethane-coated gloves to protect hands.