Getting Hully Rollers clean

Love them, but the damn things leave marks on my boat which are a bitch to get off. My racks are on all year, so I do expect some oxydation of the material from sunlight.

So what’s the best way to clean them?


When I had HR’s
I just used whatever spray cleaner I had on hand. 409, whatever. You can also soak them in a bucket of sudsy water and dishwashing detergent.


Goof-Off latex paint remover works really well - the dark crud just wipes right off. It’ll clean the marks off a fiberglass boat, but I’ve never tried it on plastic.

Dawn dishwashing liquid
It is different from all the other dishwashing liquids I tried. Dampen rollers(or hull) and apply liguid and spread over area to clean. Let sit a minute or two. Then brush with stiff brush or scrape with fingernails. May need to repeat. Key is not to dilute the liquid soap with too much water.


Tire cleaner
I found that the tire cleaners in aerosol cans, the ones that you spray on and walk away from, work really really well. They’ll clean the rubber and they will make the rest of the black plastic on your rack look brand new. Like I said, you spray on and walk away, no scrubbing needed.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
+ H2O. Don’t know what these things are made of but they seem to work on everything else without negative impacts.

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Good question,Andy.Ive got the same thing happening to me with the hullys.I read that acetone is excellent and safe to use getting the scuffs off your gelcoat hull.I havent tried it yet,but got the info from the good people at frontenac outfitters.They have a helpful website.


Acetone is not exactly safe to use on Gelcoat. Sure you can use it, but watch what color your rag turns.

I would run, not walk away from anyone advising to use Acetone so nonchalantly.