Getting in shape for the season

Can anyone recommend the best training exercise or machine in a commercial gym for getting into shape for the upcomimg kayaking season?

torso rotation
A general mix of aerobic and strength is good. But I also threw into the mix a weight machine where you twist back and forth while using the arms on grips to hold your upper body still. Very close to the feel on both the torso and the arms (which get isometric work trying to hold your upper body still).

Just paddle!!
That is the exercise to get you in shape for paddling. The more you do it, the better your fitness level, and its MUCH more rewarding than sitting in a gym. Been there, done that. Supplement your paddling with the gym on days when you can’t get out.


getting in shape?
For the off season, the KayakPro Speedstroke is the ticket. If that is not available, aerobics like running, XC ski, swimming are great. Some folks use a rowing erg (Concept2 is the big name here). The Concept2 is a great workout, but can be hard on the lower back.


OK, this might be a do as I say, not as I do (pass the ibuprofen), but after several months of not paddling, it’s a good idea to work on some stretching to limber up a bit and it’s especially good to do some warm ups and stretching before getting on the water … or else you will be sore like me. :slight_smile:

Getting in shape for the season
Thanks to all who responded for your input on this subject. Happy Kayaking !!!

theres an off season?